Buddhist Monk hurrying to prayers in Paro Dzong

Buddhist Monk going to prayers at Paro Dzong

I seen these two young Buddhist (monk) children running and playing on the hillside and asked them if I could shoot thier portraits this is the result. — in Bumthang, Bhutan.

After I shot their photo they happily ran down the stepped hill into the village laughing and they seem inseparable.

Young Buddhists Monks at the Paro Dzong

Young Buddhist child monk with mini bow and arrow in Paro

Young Buddhist monk

Buddhist Nuns chanting in Thimphu Bhutan

Buddhists monks chat on balcony of the Dzong in Paro

Crowds at the Stupor in Thimphu

Typical home in Paro city

Outside of typical home/store in Bumtang

Woman waits with her child outside the general store in Paro city

Mother and child in Trongsa

Valley of Punakha

Punakha Valley

Carrying wheat through Paddy fields in Punakha

Village women out in Paddy fields Punakha

Women at work in the Paddy Fields Punakha

Village man from Punakha

Village Woman from Punakha

Mother and child leaving high lam’s office in Trongsa

Guru Rinpoche

Masked Jester

Typical Bhutanese mask


November 5th to 18th 2014